About Me

When I'm not lolling about on the sofa daydreaming about earning billions through my totally awesome yet-to-be-written books, I travel, sight-see and take pictures. I am as true a Gemini-an as there ever was one, and often start something in a fit of enthusiasm only to leave it halfway, and then come back after being away for long gaps. Same with my writing. Everyone, from my despairing family to the nose-digging stranger on the street agrees that were I a dog, I would be a Labrador. Excessive energy, optimism and ever-lasting enthusiasm for all things big or small, accompanied usually by brief imaginary periods of anger, grief and sarcasm. I'm also narcissistic to a certain extent and have no fear of anything (except cockroaches, henroaches and kidroaches and centipedes males/females/otherwise)

Fed up of putting up with disgusting people at the corporates I worked at, I stopped working 1.5 years ago, and have since harassed/offended others by my outbursts on FB and elsewhere.  
I have lived in Ahmedabad (where I was born and brought up). Bangalore(work), Milan(Boyfriend), London(Boyfriend-the same one), Hyderabad (boyfriend-turned-husband), Singapore (husband-turned-asylumseeker), Pune (asylum-seeker turned slave) and currently in Bangalore.

In my free-time, I read like a maniac, paint, write nonsense on this blog etc etc