Friday, June 22, 2012


There is a lump in my throat and a black hole in my heart.
Both I have conjured for this moment.
You are leaving and I am glad.
Yet, you do not know
That I am going to be dancing with joy
Once you step out of that door.
So here I bid you farewell and send you off with mutterings of 'May God keep you happy'.
For everyone's entertainment we hug, kiss and shed tears.
Though the tears are Genuine, this is an Act we have put on.
For you too are Happy to leave.
I see to it that all the stuff you will carry with yourself is sent ahead of you.
Thence when you arrive at their place,
you will enter with your head held high and chest puffed out.
Proudly with eyes brimming with tears of joy,
your mother-in-law will display you too
next to the
artifacts from the immense dowry I have sent with you.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For my brother.

For all the times I carried u in my arms singing stupid make-up-your-words-as-you-sing-along-lullabies until you wriggled out,
For all the times you caught frogs and I pleaded with you to set them free,
For all the times we traded a thousand insults with each other, as we did bites and scratches and kicks and screams, until Mum spanked us both;
For all the times you tagged along with my gang, and I with yours until we grew up and wanted our own space, 
For all the times we woke up Mum from her afternoon nap playing Housie and Superman under the TV table,
For all the times you broke all the beds in the house pretending to be a grenade-launching-army-commander-attacking-pakistan,
For all the times we conversed in our secret-sibling-language and laughed and laughed until our tears flowed,
For all the times we acted silly, gesturing, mimicking and generally fooling around,
For all the times we snitched on the other to Mum and Dad,
For all the times we sang out loud 'Haiyya-Haiyya-Ho' in trains,
For all the times you scratched my back and I yours,
For all the times you puffed out your chest and tried to look menacing to the Romeos down the road,
For all the times we finished each other's food,
For all the times we hid our favourite books from each other,
For all the times we made secret pacts and bribed each other to ask for gifts from our parents for the other,
For all the times we did a million different things together and not together and bickered and loved and slapped and kissed,
For all the times I will remember until my heart is ready to burst with pride and admiration and pure love for you - Here is a Happy Birthday Wish.