Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Anti-Corruption Drive? Why?

I lead my safe and secure life. I can afford to buy most luxuries. I work and earn. I'm educated. I'm independent. I'm fearless. I represent India in the World. People in other countries look at me and say 'Oh yes, that is the face of India, the emerging Power.'
Who is this I?
The youth of India. The corporate honchos. The high-heeled power-players. The engineers. The scientists. The doctors. The programmers.
All different from each other. Yet there is something that binds all of them. It is not the fact that we are Indians. No. It is Our ability to shut our eyes when a 'babu' asks for a bribe. Our ability to slide under the tables in Govt. Offices, and grease the outstretched palms in front of us. Dragging our feet through the thick jungles of Red-tapism, Babudom, Corruption, we tread on.
There now, I have uttered it. Corruption. A very common word. All of us know what it is. Haven't we seen everyone do it? To get a seat in a college of our choice. To get a Loan sanctioned. To get a pension file passed. To get an FIR written. To get a promotion. To get a transfer. To get a job vacancy. To get a house allotted to our name. To get a bed in the Civil Hospital. To get a grave in the cemetery. To get a Medical Certificate. To get an Insurance claim passed. To get a construction Project.
Corruption. Bribery. These two evils don't even spare the poor. Forget the middle-class. To the Rich, it's just another small inconvenience. Do it and get rid of it. Hope no one sees it.
Every government office we go to, these two evils lurk around the corners, in the big dusty files, in the cupboards, in the mouths of the Officials hiding behind tea-cups.
We crib. We complain to our friends. We make jokes out of it. While someone somewhere is crushed.
It took a 73 year old man to show us that This Monster called 'Corruption' needs to die. We can stop it from beheading us only if we come together and scare the Govt with our Unity. We are the people. And we demand that there be a stop to Corruption. It is Plague. And we don't want it to cause Death. Death of the Faith of Millions, Faith in a Govt. that is run by the people.
It took Anna Hazare, that old Gandhian, feeble, weaker than a 10 year old child, to slap the youths of India across the face and make them sit up and notice.
While he asks us to fill jails across the country, I wonder how many of us actually have the guts to do a 'Swades'......I do not know whether we will be 'killed in encounters' by the Police if we choose to participate in the 'Jail Bharo Andolan' or if they will wield the stick. That remains to be seen.
Yet, This is the least we can do. Take part in His movement. I justify my contribution to the Country saying I served as a volunteer in the 'Teach India' movement or that I taught four under-privileged kids to read and write when I was 16 years old. Sadly that is not enough.
It is high time the Money-Hungry Babus, after all these years of filling their own pockets, realize that The Youth of India have a Voice. And the World will hear us.

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the critics said...

good.....nice u volunteered in teach more..the youth of this nation must rise....that to talented young people like u need to come out...,lets all together put an end to this ruthless life we live on and change ourselves to build a stronger and better country