Monday, March 21, 2011

A NRV (Non-Regular-Viewer) on Indian Cricket

I guess, we Indians have a knack of being unprofessional...too much of that knack. And of being the greatest boot-lickers around. We are in awe of something so much that we become paranoid at the idea of not having that thing anymore.
Yes, notwithstanding the great achievements, n the fact that Sachin will never have anyone live up to his name, he too has an expiry date. One day Sachin will retire.
I don't understand why many think that Indian Cricket will collapse if Sachin leaves!!! That's ridiculous, so don't we have confidence in our other cricketers? Is it like, "Arrey Sachin retire ho gaya, Chalo, India stop playing cricket."..?

I have edited this post to add below because of all the Sachin fans who weren't happy that I wrote something against him. I had said that in 22 years Sachin has been playing, India has not won the World Cup (which was to be taken as - Sachin alone will not help us get the World cup, we need more good cricketers) to which some idiots said, Sachin is not playing to win the World Cup but for India. Well to them my question is, if India is not playing for the World cup, then what the hell is India playing for? More endorsements?
I respect Sachin; but I'm just tired of having to read about him everywhere. There are so many times when he does get out without scoring a single run. But no, he never receives the flak. Why do we pamper our heroes so much? Thank God, he is a humble person, otherwise imagine if he turned out to be someone always needing to be molly-coddled before a match. I guess I have just got an overdose of Sachin everywhere. Yes, he is the greatest cricketer or almost, in the world. Well if he is 'the GOD of Indian cricket', if he 'alone is enough to represent Indian cricket' like some over-enthusiastic Sachin fan described, then I guess it is time I demand that he bring the World Cup home.
Well, now that is an entirely another matter.....even after being the 'best team out there', 'the tigers', 'the lions' and what not, Team India, with all its Gods and Devils and Turbannators has not managed to win another World Cup...
I don't think I have the patience to wait another three decades for the World Cup to come home.
Team India better win the World Cup this year, with or without Sachin.

P.S. - I can already imagine the number of guys who will jump onto this post and plague me till death. And I also have a fair idea of all the viewpoints I will get. Some will be outright brutal, some will try to gently make me see their viewpoint. But boys, I'm just a gal. Cricket is your game. Leave me to my own devices ;)


Amogh said...

Its true that he is getting old but to say that he isnt performing is not correct.If you take this worldcup into consideration,he is the highest run getter,or the second maybe!! so obvously,he's pretty much on the top!

PS:You've got an awesome blog ;)

Shilpa Nair said...

Lol, I know....N I was waiting for some guy to come in n squash me for speaking against Sachin.....Yes he is the topmost run scorer, but I guess, I'm just bored of seeing him around for so long. 22 years is too long. Dont worry, I respect him as much as u all do. How can I forget the fact that as a tweenager, I did fantasize about marrying This post took form when Sachin kept getting out for 2 runs, 0 runs, 5 runs etc...

Thank You for the P.S. :)