Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan in a London Tube

There we were, hanging in a tube on the Jubilee Line. A Saturday that saw heavy crowds n mad dashes. Everyone was generally in a bad mood, being stuck in at least one person's armpit....n to top it, the Metropolitan Line was not plying due to some construction work.
Right then, in the middle of all the crowd, we hear this booming voice...A young man with a KFC-type red bucket in his hands, entreating everyone to give money to contribute to the Japanese Disaster, via the UK efforts.
Some listened to him, he was very endearingly sincere by the way, some ignored him, some shook their heads, some giggled, yet many dug into their pockets n handed him whatever pennies, pounds they could spare.
He came nearer, to, where this Japanese couple with their baby, was sitting. Seeing them, he somehow felt more enthusiastic n delivered his words more loudly, maybe half-expecting the couple to hug him or cheer him on.

The Japanese couple didn't even look in his direction.

Flabbergasted, he had nothing left to do but flee from the scene.


Arjun Reddy said...

I remember this, but did the japanese couple have a baby then???

I could recreate the whole scene in my mind, awesome description..

Also I guess the guy with the bucket was a medical student which he kept saying repeatedly :)

Shilpa Nair said...

Yep he was. The Japanese couple did have a baby. The man had the baby in his lap. This is one of the most vivid memories of London, nah? :)