Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is it time yet??

Maybe this is what is called growing old. You start liking the things you hated ten years ago. Music, clothes, attitude. And then everyone younger to you gets free advice from you. On every thing from their hair to their jewellery. You nag, you rant, you curse, you frown, become slouchy, grumpy and foul-tempered the older you grow. Many a time, you miss everything you experienced and get angry at the new waves of change sweeping across the world. Then you look around you and all the kids who peed on you when they came into this world, have suddenly metamorphed into lanky teenagers with breasts or facial hair or both or none at all depending on whether they are straight or gay or lesbian or transgender or transvestites (anyway these groups are in majority politically and socially). You conveniently forget you are sprouting more grey hair than all of their body hair put together. Of course, that is something you notice only when a 8 years old kid calls you Aunty. What cheek! What manner less maggots their parents are! Why, when you were a kid, you used to call everyone ‘Didi’ and ‘Bhaiyya’, unless of course they were wrinkled which then elevated them to the status of ‘Uncle’ and ‘Aunty’. So what is different with the times now? And why do you now get that irritating feeling about looking too dressy or too flashy or too silly while dressing up in bright colors or caught having fun? Why do you need to sober up and act prim and proper every time? You panic when you see some strands of grey hair, you check in every mirror to see if the crowfeet and laugh lines are spreading. You buy bigger push up bras when you see sagging boobs on other women. As if that were not enough the trainer at your gym gives you a discount for being overage. What do you do then???

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