Friday, April 30, 2010

Excerpts from The Office Diaries – Monday Blues..

My alarm rang first at 5.30 a.m, which I promptly turned off. I know I am failing in keeping my promise to Arjun that I will walk 5 kms everyday. But its not my fault, I do have a list of excuses to not go! First of all there are no parks around my new PG. Then there is the Million-Dollar question of what to wear. I don’t have a suitable Tee to go woth my New Puma fleece capris.

7.15 a.m, I wake up terrified. The whole week flashes in front of my eyes. Just the thought of me huddling over in front of my computer for six long days unnerves me. But I have to go. I don’t even feel sick to call in n say I can’t come to Office. I get up, trundle to the bathroom, still sleeping….n thrust the toothbrush up my nose instead of my mouth. I make some effort of pretending to wash my face, n plonk on the pot n doze off. Jhancy’s frantic banging shakes me awake. I quickly finish my bath n listen to some hip-hop to make me feel alive. Determined to take my car to work everyday, I go down n wash the car with 5 cups of water. Save water, save life…they show on TV. Being a greenhorn, I comply. It’s not sparkling clean but manageable enough to drive by on the road without inviting too many disgusted looks. Like everyday, I ponder over what to wear to work. My problem is, 80% of my clothes are fit for wearing outside for parties or nights out with friends. I settle for the cream kurti n chudis. It’s too hot for jeans anyways.

Usha , Shaly n I throw our lamenting looks at each other. I don’t have much work today. It’s salary-day today. Got to collect the pay slips. I send a mail to ‘ideas’ suggesting why we don’t go for a software access instead of the hr dept sitting like Munshis and tearing out a pay slip to each employee. I mean look at the waste paper generation. I know I am not even close to any great conservationalists around, but I do feel pangs of guilt when I come back from someplace and find I have left the bathroom light on or the TV. Its irritating to see that people are not even bothered about this. I mean if we run out of paper or water, who will suffer? Obviously our grandchildren n their children. We all sit inside our closed wells and conclude that this well is our world. I do my bit to conserve some electricity or water by turning them off, even if it means I have to get up from my bed and walk across.

At 11.00 a.m, I decide I will commit suicide if my life in office is so drab, so I suggest to Shaly that we should grab a quick beer at Jimi’s n have a cribbing session. Usha is also included in the master plan. We are quite excited and can’t wait the whole day. Then at 6.15 my boss just walks away slyly without informing anyone. It is so hypocritical, I mean if the office timing is 6.00, what is there to hide? Even when they go to Coffee day, they take a pen and notebook in their hands, as if they are going for meetings. Whatever. So then, Shaly n I get out at 6.15 and Usha is still stuck in Office. We reach Jimi’s and in great style I order beer, n Lo, It is Election day and there are no drinks being served. Great! We curse and give them some disgusted looks, disperse and go home at 7. In the middle of all this, Reethu calls (she is back in town) n suggests we go to Mr Beans. I had actually agreed to meet her at 9.00 which now became 8.30. Its nice to see her. I love that girl. I can be completely genuine with her. Anyways, So Rashmi, Reethu. Neena and I trundle into the car n we go pick up Neelam and Teffi. We have a roaring time at Mr Beans. The Sheesha was a ‘phusss’, but we enjoyed the time., most of which was spent in Neena’s wedding blues, n plans for the engagement n of course much scoldings directed at me for not being able to attend the function. Somehow I think May 1st being a saturday and off, can be used to go to Coorg. Let me see if the car holds up, it would be easier. We decide to meet at Mocha the next day, and trundle home.

I reach home to find Ambli watching a Telugu movie and Jhancy in the middle of her fight with Gautam. With no one to talk to, I tuck into bed, reading a book n conk off. One day conquered. Five more to go!

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