Monday, September 11, 2006

A chain of Random Thoughts....

This article will be updated as and when random thoughts fly into my mind..

The space below the keys of my keyboard is filled with all kinds of eatables..there’s Bhujia sev, Moong dal, even Lahsun sev besides stapler pins, clips, paper bits..for God’s sake..!! I created much noise while trying to pry them tapping the keyboard upside down on my lap and the desk and finally the floor..

Raju is the office boy.But such amazing Discipline he’s got..He wears the same shirt everyday but Always washed and neatly pressed..Why do people of our cadre never look down upon his class and try to learn something..?

I was in Ahmedabad last week and the water is so sweet..I came back on Saturday morning..but I somehow am not able to quench my thirst.I had ice creams, fruit juices, cold water..but my throat still feels parched.

Arjun and I went to Nandi Hills on Saturday afternoon..It was sooooo Beautiful.He then took me for Munnabhai Lage Raho in the night and also got me some icecream..all without me even asking him for anything..!1 I was so happy..!!

One day Arjun and I had gone on a drive and we thought to have some tea. So we came upon this little ramshackle thing ..u know this kitli..and we had tea over there..It was so cute because there were 3 people in the shop all of them craning thei neck upwards to watch some serial on a TV mounted atop a pedestal on the wall.We sat there and any passer by would have seen 5 people looking upwards with a glass of tea in everyone’s hands..!!

I got this Sari in Orange and blue with silver tikkis all over..Its so pretty and I look like a Queen..Sometimes I look at these women in the villages and colors like Orange / Yellow / Pink / White look so pretty in contrast with their dark skin..the colors stand out beautifully !!

Never take anybody for granted. I dread the day when I might suddenly die or someone I know might die suddenly..and all the things I ever wanted to hear or say remain unsaid..

I finally decided yesterday to eat good food and not abuse my body any further.So I went and bought what..? yes you guessed it..pickles!!! I had my dinner at 6:30 pm yesterday and slept at I must buy some fruits to much throughoutthe day in office..

Arjun had got me this keychain from some shop in his ex-office complex.It was of a guy who stands with his arms crossed and looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows..While giving it to me he said ...whenever i am angry at u i will be looking at u like this..with displeasure.." I thought that was an amazing thought..LOL

Preeti is back to dieting.LOL how long i dont know.But her tummy has started showing signs of starvation.

This big monstrous bull ( or co whatever i couldnt check) farted just as I passed by on my kiny. I almost fainted.The odour spreads like fire to a 2 km radius sround the animal. Thankfully my sensitive nosie has never experienced an elephant fart as yet..

Being an Agony Aunt in the Hostel does teach you a lot. On Love, Relationships for eg. I often wonder how these Agony Aunts really survive with so much emotional garbage. I was forced to be an Agony Aunt once and I have hated it ever since. Some people would appreciate being Sob-Story Sponges but I insist take as much Garbage as you can manage.
I am solely responsible for what I have to absorb of other’s weepies. To let down the ones who say I am a great listener, I argue I am not legally bound to listen to excess information.
We give and take so much Excess Informaton that it eats into our brains, spaces , intelligence , energies.

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JuiceMeUp said...

Nice blog, although not much activity(mebbe ur busy). liked your article on blogging and bloggers and i pretty much agree with you on the issue.
Plagiarism sure does kills the creative spirit.